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Hello Kittens!!! I have been absolutely swamped lately, my work load has increased massively and business is going really well with lots of new and exciting projects coming up and already under way.

So I wanted to show you all some pics from my June Vintage fair in Henley on Thames before I unleash my new information on you!

I have a little more free time from now on to attempt to post more regularly so fingers crossed as I do so enjoy blogging to you guys!

photos courtesy of Avril Appleyard 














Saturday was indeed a bright, sunny and wonderful day AND I launched the BVintage Bazaar Authentic Vintage Fair with my bestest vintage friend Berni Bales!

With over 20 stalls selling some of the best quality vintage clothing and home wears Berkshire, if not the South has ever seen, a pop up beauty parlour, vintage tea room, alterations specialist and so much more, it was not surprising that over 500 people flocked to the Guildhall in Windsor for the fair!

Even Hollywood movie star Anna Friel couldn’t resist and purchased an array of vintage goodies including hats and beautiful furs, a hat bought for by a patron to be worn at the Royal Wedding and furniture was bought for residents at Windsor Castle!

What can I say, it truly was a wonderful day and it was such an amazing feeling to fulfill one of my “vintage” dreams and to see the fruition of almost a years work.

All I can say is, a picture is worth a thousand words, oh, and I’ll see you at the next fair on the 18th of June in Henley!!!

So it’s my big weekend as I launch the first of my authentic vintage fairs! Yay!

With over 20 stalls selling authentic high quality yet affordable vintage fashion and home wears,  tarot card reader to the stars, pop up vintage beauty parlour, Burlesque photo studio, alterations on site and of course a wonderful vintage tea room you would be MAD not to come and join the fun!

The day kicks off at 10.45 am as the Royal Windsor Guard march past the Guildhall (our venue for the day) then doors open at 11 am for all the fun of the fair!

Entrance is £2 on the door and you can check it out further by visiting the website.

And with Windsor being the most delightful town, with a great selection of shops, restaurants, bars and attraction why not make a day of it!

Hope to see you there!!!!

Sadie xx

Well, well, we’ve come along way baby….

Do you remember when I was just a girl buying junk at boot fairs and cleaning it up to sell on ebay?

Well finally I am fulfilling one of my dreams and with my business partner and vintage guru Berni Bales, I am please to announce the 2011 dates for our authentic vintage fairs!

It’s been my desire for some time to produce high quality vintage fairs, with no distractions like crafters, and to put on these events at beautiful and historic venues, and we have done just that securing the Guildhall in Royal Windsor for two dates, and the Town Hall in Henley for one.

The fairs will play host to an exclusive selection of some of the best UK vintage sellers currently working the UK vintage scene, with over 20 stalls at each event all selling unique, beautiful and high quality vintage fashion, home wear and textiles.

We will also be host to the Vintage Beauty Parlor, a fab little salon offering vintage and period hair and makeovers plus much more!

I am more than happy to thank all my lovely blog friends for supporting me over the last few years by offering you all free entry to any of the three dates! And hope you will try to come to the fairs! Just email me for comp tickets .

Dates are as follows!

The Guildhall, Windsor, 9th of April, 11am – 4pm

Henley Town Hall, Henley on Thames, 18th of June, 11am – 4pm

The Guildhall, Windsor, 1st of October, 11am -4pm

Please have a peep at the website!

Hope to see you there!

Sadie x

Finally I get round to posting about the Vintage Social pop up vintage party that I and my partner in vintage crime, Berni Bales and I threw last Saturday at the beautiful Harte & Garter Hotel in Royal Windsor.

It was a fantastic day, with nearly a hundred guests, a vintage fashion show Hair Demos by the lovely Miss Rosie Scott, Make up by the lovely girls from our friends at Beauty Call, the mad vintage skills of hair and make up artist extrodinarre Demelza Edwards and a fabulous array of our favourite vintage sellers showcasing some of the most beautiful and unique vintage items I have seen in a long time!

A big thank you to all who came, and also to Avril Appleyard and Michael Pitts for taking and letting me use these wonderful photos from the day.

If you would like to see more pictures or find out more about this and our other events, go to our Facebook Page and “like” to stay in the know.

Big kiss for now,

Sadie xx

Apologies, again, for not posting sooner, but it seems I am in high demand these days and have just been invited to style the Christmas party for my wonderful friends at Beauty Call. More info on that soon,

But for now, here are some lovely pics from the ever wonderful BVintage Bazaar that took place on Sunday just gone.

If you want to find out about the next event please email the vintage expert Berni Bales on her Facebook page.

Just before I show you the pics, was anyone else confused on Tuesday night while watching Kirstie’s Homemade Home when she kept saying “Ardinglie Antiques Fair”? Was it her just being a little too posh or is it me? I have always thought it was “Ardingley” as in “Ar-ding-lee”? Hmmm opinions purlease.

What a lovely time we had! Hope you like the pictures and wrap up warm girls it’s COLD out there!

Sadie xx


What a fantastically vintage weekend I have had!

On sunday I went along to the Bray Village Hall to support my lovely friend Berni of BVintage Bazaar at her fist ever vintage fair! And ohh what fun we had.

So many lovely stall holders turned up with their wonderful wares, there were more fur stoles and coats than you could dream of, beautiful house wares, darling cup cakes and so on and so forth…

The lovely Lily of Lily Vintage Living was there as were the girls from Honey Divine, with some truly beautiful items that I was hard pressed not to buy, and I was so upset to see them back up the stunning Jaegar Maxi dress, and the Balmain Scarf that both just begged to come home with me.

There was tea and cakes, music and old talkies on the screen at the back.

And it’s all happening again on the 7th of November. Same time, same place.

See you there!

Sadie xxxx

Hello Dears!

So sorry for the long absence, but as I stated in my last post, I really needed a blog break because I was swamped and feeling very tired. Turns out I was actually suffering from an extremely unpleasant virus that’s symptoms included, lethargy, vertigo, weight loss and migraines. My doctor said that it was also stress related. I literally went to bed at 6pm every night for 3 weeks due to the exhaustion! But hey ho! Feeling my old self again and back to it!

So.. What a great bank holiday weekend.

It all kicked off for me at the Love Retro and Vintage Fair in Chertsey, Surrey on Saturday, all in all it was a fun event and it was so nice to see some new faces, especially the Cup Cake Goddess who’s Lemon Meringue Cup cakes were a stroke of GENIUS!! And I have a new soul mate in the lovely Susan of Bespoken and Tit Tat.  Unfortunately she’s not on t’web so you will have to come see her at the next fair in October which I will tell you all about closer to the time.

However, Love From B, (I purchased a pair of too cute knitted doves/hair clippy thing from her, as pictured below) who makes darling little knitted accessories does have a web presence as does the equally lovely Nicky from Beauty Call who stole two of my most favourite vintage breakfast cup and saucer sets! But I don’t mind as I know she loves them…

If your interested in booking a stall at the next fair in October please email me and I will sort you right out! But hurry as there are only a few pitches left!

Sunday I spent a blissful day on the sofa with E.T and a good book.  I’m reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elisabeth Gilbert and loving every page. It really has been hyped to death and has just been turned into what will probably be a completely ghastly movie (Did you see what the sod’s did to the Time Travellers Wife? Blurgh!) but that said the book IS excellent.

And then… August Bank Holiday Monday. Which means one thing… Car Boot heaven!!

I started early and got myself over to Ascot Wood, but was more than a little disappointed and came away with a couple of old pots for the garden, a toy car for E.T and some plain pine shelves for his bedroom project that I’m in the middle of.
Next I fought the traffic through Berkshire to get to my car boot Mecca, Taplow Giant Car Boot where I was confronted by the most handsome man I have ever seen in real life shouting at me to park in the upper field.  He had on very dirty overalls and had that Sawyeresque roguish gorgeousness about him that actually made me blush as we made eye contact.. I didn’t find the nerve to talk to him so skulked off into the mass of eager treasure hunters.

I emerged victoriously with two pairs of 1940/50’s gloves, a 1950s cream leather handbag with bakelite buttons, a genuine ostrich skin 1950s handbag, a glass jelly mould, a 1930s cake stand, a darling pink and 22kt gold detailed bone china tea set, another 22 kt gold, bone china tea cup trio in pale mint green, a selection of vintage plates and an original 1950s glass Eiffel Tower liqueur bottle that I have been coveting off the Rachel Ashwell blog forever! Ching, Ching, Ching!!!

I have also found an advertisement for my desired Christmas gift this year. I can’t help but love them, they glow in the dark AND sway in the wind because they are on springs! SIMPLES!!! Lol!

And now my dear friends, I am typing this little post to you with a cup of Earl Grey and cheese on toast. Magic.

Love to you all,

Sadie x

I seem to be short on time and sleep at the moment.  ET is has a hundred teeth coming through and is being so clingy that he is starting to feel like an extra limb!

Anyway, apologises again for the time lapse between posts and as promised here are some pics from the Love Vintage and Retro Craft Fair that I had a stall at on the 17th of June in Surrey.

I had the best pitch in the house!!! A double stall right in front of the entrance, so I doubled up as the welcoming committee too!

I went for a sort of vintage Cath Kidston inspired look for the merchandising complete with my home made bunting. What do you think? Does it look OK?

It was my first foray into selling at fairs, and although it was a quiet day, partly due to it being the first event for Love Vintage and Retro, I did pretty well and went home with a lighter load than when I arrived. It was hard to part with most of the items, as it is when I sell online, but hey, that’s the name of the game right?

On top of that, this week I have had to help my sister move and redecorate an entire house, help another relative move new furniture into their house, my Mother is moving back from Egypt permanently (YEAY!) and I have had a very exciting invitation to collaborate with one of my most favourite people from blog land on an exciting new project! It’s all a bit of a secret at the moment but I promise I will reveal all in due course so keep checking back. It really is very very exciting and will blow your socks off!

In the mean time, Love to you all,

Sadie xx

Hello my lovelies, I want to apologise for not blogging in so long.  I have been snowed under with preperations for my first ever Vintage fair which I am exhibiting at the Love Retro and Vintage Craft Market in Hythe in Kent this weekend the 17th of July.  I am tres excitamundo as you can imagine!

I have been labelling all my stock with brown luggage labels, painting display shelves duck egg blue, making 16 yards, yes 16 yards of bunting from vintage fabric scraps, laying it out, wrapping it all up safely in boxes, then realising I haven’t put price labels on anything, unwrapping again…. you get the picture?

I booked a 12 foot table and am starting to panic a bit about having enough stock! it always feels like you have LOADS until it’s displayed… maybe I’m just worrying to much…

On top of all that, as you may know, the weather has been insane! HEATWAVE then good old England… down pour and grey skies,  Also ET took his first independent steps (yeay!) and I am gob smacked by how quickly he has gone from two steps to running around the house and inevitably smashing his face into walls, floors, doors and even the baby safety gate. Very Safe indeed. My cream carpet + baby blood = not chic. ho hum. But I am delighted he is up on his feet. Now where can I enrol him in ballet classes?….

Now then, I wanted to mention something, and would love your feedback.  I discovered a little blog called Fille De Fleur, Flower Girl a while back and I wanted to share some pictures of her home with you.

It really is a lovely little vintage inspired home, or rather, was.

Unfortunatley due to the economic crisis the lady, Kim, had to leave her house and move in with her sister and I was so upset to think she had to pack up and sell all her lovely pieces.  I couldn’t imagine having to do that… give up all my treasures. She is very brave and as I said to her on her post..

“Hello Kim, What a lovely home you created! I’m so sorry you had to part with it but family IS the most precious thing.
I just wanted to say, all the lovely objects that you filled your home with will have been sold on and are now continuing their stories and journeys, and filling other homes with joy now. I am very sentimental about the treasures I find and love and the stories of their own pasts but the beauty of these things is that they move on and are recycled. That’s what makes vintage and antiques truly beautiful.

All my love, Sadie at Flea x”

I’ll post early next week (I promise) with pics from the fair and a full run down of goings on.

Have a lovely sunny weekend, Sadie xx

Vintage Barrel Back Chair Now Sold

We will be showing here!!