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I had the most beautiful dream!

I was lounging in a beautiful white room, filled with sunlight and fresh fragrant flowers…

And when I woke up, sat at my desk with my coffee to get my daily blog and caffeine fix and there was my room! Courtesy of one of my favourite blogs, Little Emma English Home.

Delicious. I will always come back to this interior style.

Love Sadie  xxx



What a fantastically vintage weekend I have had!

On sunday I went along to the Bray Village Hall to support my lovely friend Berni of BVintage Bazaar at her fist ever vintage fair! And ohh what fun we had.

So many lovely stall holders turned up with their wonderful wares, there were more fur stoles and coats than you could dream of, beautiful house wares, darling cup cakes and so on and so forth…

The lovely Lily of Lily Vintage Living was there as were the girls from Honey Divine, with some truly beautiful items that I was hard pressed not to buy, and I was so upset to see them back up the stunning Jaegar Maxi dress, and the Balmain Scarf that both just begged to come home with me.

There was tea and cakes, music and old talkies on the screen at the back.

And it’s all happening again on the 7th of November. Same time, same place.

See you there!

Sadie xxxx

Hello again my lovelies,

Just a quick post to tell you that AMAZINGLY the clever folks at have a really great range of vintage inspired card to send to our love ones.

Here are a few of my favorites, and you can personalise them AND have them sent for you all at the click of a mouse. So simple!

LOVE this last one!

I’ll be posting again shortly and emailing those of you that I know follow my blog often as I am going to be launching the new website and you will also notice that the blog will start to look different, the name will change but I am keeping the wordpress address as fleamarketchic, a la Tara Fey.

Big hugs,

Sadie xxx

Hello dears!

I hate to start another post with an apology but, I feel the need to say sorry for the delay in posting y’all for so long again.

The truth is, I have been working on a secret project that is now, after months of planning and tinkering on my part, finally almost ready to unleash upon you all.

I decided, quite sometime ago that I wanted to take my vintage passion from hobbie, to profession and so, here it is. I have decided to re-brand and launch my own on-line boutique.

Now, this may seem like an easy task, but believe me. It’s not.

Aside from all the bits you would expect like, changing business stationary and making a new facebook group I have also been designing and building an e-commerce website from scratch (this involved actually learning how to do that all on my tod!)

After years of headaches and heartaches selling on various well known websites like ebay and such, I decided to empower myself by having my own on-line store, in part because of the outrageous fees involved but also because, as a seller, these organisations rarely, if ever support their sellers leaving us open to fraud, dishonesty and the inevitable “the item never showed up so I want a full refund” when you know full well your 1950s Atomic Age coat hanger is sitting in their bloody living room!!

On top of that, I have also decided to branch out and include apparel into my catalogue. My first love will always be home-wear, but the vintage gods keep putting wonderful pieces before me to pass onto you and I can’t refuse them now can I!  My life is all about vintage, from the tea I drink to the clothes I wear to the hair styles I try to master, so I will from now on be all encompassing in my boutique too.

On top of this I will be organising some amazing vintage events, but that really is a secret project at the moment so shhhhhhhh……..

This does however leave me with a question for you all, and I hope you will find the time to leave a comment and let me know what you think…

Do I start bloggin under a new name and add a link from this blog to the new one or do I carry on like Tara Fey did and just change the header????

I will of course keep you posted about my official launch date, so keep watching!!!

All my Love, Sadie xx

Vintage Barrel Back Chair Now Sold

We will be showing here!!