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Well, I have to say that I was a little disappointed at the lack of great stuff on offer this weekend at the markets.  I went to three and only returned with a handfull of items. I completely forgot it was Fathers Day as my Pa is in Spain and has been for weeks! I did give him a card though before he left. So these are the few bits I found, the pics are a bit naff but you get the idea…

So These two handsome chaps are Circa 1930 and were made in England by the Price Brothers. They are darling Biscuit coloured bookends.

Two lovely old Granny Crochet blankets. Is it Crochet or Crocheted????

A 19th century Guilt wall light, that needs re-wiring! Big time!

And this is the Bat Mobile! ET and I could not believe it when we pulled up behind it on our way home from the markets! He is really into cars, so he screamed with delight!

As you know it was Fathers Day, And I have the most wonderful Father.

This fathers day has been bitter sweet for me as it’s my son’s first Father-less Fathers Day.
When you have a son that is deserted by a worthless father it truly makes you appreciate your own father just for being there.
There are too many sons and daughters growing up without Daddies, any man who is there, paying school fees and bringing home a wage to feed his kids and love them deserves to be appreciated on Fathers Day.
It makes all the little things I blamed my Dad for seem so pathetic, because he was, at least, there for me and loved and provided for me.

My wonderful Pa and ET. I hope I can find a guy even half as wonderful as my dad!

Love to you all, Sadie xxx


Hi darlings!

Another week has flown by and I have been hard pressed for time what with being a single mother and the business of trying to run a vintage boutique and everything else.  These lilac stocks are filling my house with a very delicate sweet fragrance though and that seems to keep me calm.

It’s nice to just slow down for a minute, read through all of your lovely blogs and put finger to keyboard for my own whilst enjoying a cup of very sweet, milky Earl Grey…

I have found SO many treasures this week that I have only just got through photographing, cleaning and cataloguing them all, most I found at The Taplow Giant (and they are serious when they say giant!) Car boot in Berkshire.  Taplow is a strange mix of sellers really, and you do have to walk a bit, but there are treasures to be found.

Now just look at her! Isn’t she beautiful?  She is a print that has been hand painted onto to give the illusion from a distance that she is a real oil on canvas, and is probably a 70’s repro.  I say this because the frame was covered in a bizarre brown felt, which, after many hours of picking and cleaning off with a knife and some nail varnish remover revealed quite a pretty wooden  frame underneath that I painted gold. Nice huh? She is not going anywhere though my friends and has moved in with ET and I and enjoys watching Cash in The Attic with us!

I love this trio of French Rose prints, many times I have heard dealers say a pair is better than one, so what about a TRIO! They are so pretty, with just the right amount of fading and the frames all match too. I was assured by the seller that they were in their mothers house since he was a child and he was in his 50s, and I would say that sounds about right from the look of them.

And these little milky coloured plaster of Paris dipped in resin religious Icons are heavenly! I bought them off my favourite dealer who brings me trinkets from France every now and again. Wait till I show you what else I got of him in my next post……

Don’t you just love 50s retro?

Too many other things to show you today, but of course you can buy most of these items at the Flea Boutique (not meaning to be such a cyper pimp!)

I’m heading out again on Sunday to THREE different markets, so more treasure next week to show you.

The reason for all this frantic purchasing is that I am about to embark on my first Vintage Fair as a stall holder which I am very excited about, and if you have any tips or advice to give me for that I would be SOOOOO grateful!

See you soon,

Sadie xxx

Any vintage  girl worth her salt, know’s that Breakfast at Tiffany’s was not just fabulous for Audrey and the Fashions, but the quirky interiors of her crazy apartment.

From the Telephone in the suit case, to the wrought iron bed she shared with Cat. But the piece de resistance was always the Cast Iron bath tub Couch.

So here it is, as re-invented by Ruff House Art, and currently available for sale at Etsy. A really great item all round I think and looks like it has been really well made. By it, or regret it.

Ruff House Art’s Bathtub Couch

Love Sadie xx

Hello all, I just spotted this great contest via Claudia’s post at The Paris Apartment.

The prize is $10,000 AND tickets to Maison & Objet in Paris this year. Amazing prize huh?

They want an image that inspires you and 100 words to go with. Unfortunately it’s only open to US residents, but if I were able to enter this is what my entry would look like.

“I hold my breath with anticipation when I turn the little cobbled street corner and see that little word “Brocante”.  A million treasures, waiting to be discovered, re-loved and re-imagined into a new life.  Old floral linens, still warm with memories of Sunday sleep-ins, mottled mirrors etched with a thousand reflections, tea cups and vases with the echo’s of milk and cut flowers. Each little trinket with it’s own story, and now, their stories begin again with each little discovery. Stopping my heart with excitement, and throwing open the windows of my imagination.”

If you are as US citizen and want to have a bash, you can enter at this link.


Sadie xxx

One thing I miss about my singlegirl, child free days is the ability to up and off to the summer festivals.

And THIS is where I want to be this summer. That Wayne Hemmingway! What a guy!

If your lucky enough to have the freedom and time to go, click here to go straight to the homepage!

Vintage at Goodwood 2010!

Bye for now lovelies!

Sadie xxx

Hi all, hope your having a great weekend? Are you all gearing up for the Bank Holiday boot fairs too? I wonder what treasures we will find?

Just wanted to show you some of my new items I have just launched in my Vintage Tea Cup Candles Range.

The tea cups are all vintage and special in their own right, and I have filled them with a delicately scented candle made for 100% eco friendly soy flakes, which means they not only burn clean, but, once the candle has burnt out you can just clean the cup with soap and warm water and it will be ready to be used again as a tea cup or send it back to me and I will refill it for you!  ULTIMATE recycling! Another reason why I love vintage and antique items!

The next candle was done on the spur of the moment, but I think it is really cute! Non?

You can buy any of the candles and more in the collection that are not shown here by clicking the following link!

Happy shopping everyone!

Sadie xxx

Vintage Barrel Back Chair Now Sold

We will be showing here!!