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Will you take a look at this little beauty!!


Early 1940s Crinoline lady set! YUM!!! I just acquired it and it was so scrumptious that my lovely friend Mrs. Moores Vintage Store  just snatched it right out of my hands!

Hope your all well! Sadie xx


Hello my vintage craving darlings!!

Found these little beauties today, your going to love them!!!





This stunning sunny shirt dress is from Horrockses from the 1950s, highly collectable, size 10 and in near perfect condition.






And this pretty full skirt dress is by Hollyrood, is from the 50s and again is size 10 and in near perfect condition.

If you are interested in owning either of these scrumptious pieces please leave a comment and your email and I’ll get back to you .

More gorgeousness tomorrow!!

Love love, Sadie xx

Well I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and if your not a member one of the Christmas celebrating faiths, I can only apologise for the shop closures and rubbish television over the last week.

I celebrated my 31st birthday by treating myself to not one, but TWO gorgeous new vintage handbags!

The first is a divine 1950s Tapestry bag, which is in pristine condition.

Don’t you just LOVE it?

The second may seem a little more uninteresting, but actually is the more exciting handbag, from a vintage point of view, than the first, mostly because it is from the Famous New York Boutique, Lesco Lona and probably dates to the early 1960s.

On top of this it has Bakelite handles and fixing. And that makes me smile.

Now then. New bags need new outfits. Right ladies? ūüėČ

S xxx

Hello Dears!

So sorry for the long absence, but as I stated in my last post, I really needed a blog break because I was swamped and feeling very tired. Turns out I was actually suffering from an extremely unpleasant virus that’s symptoms included, lethargy, vertigo, weight loss and migraines. My doctor said that it was also stress related. I literally went to bed at 6pm every night for 3 weeks due to the exhaustion! But hey ho! Feeling my old self again and back to it!

So.. What a great bank holiday weekend.

It all kicked off for me at the Love Retro and Vintage Fair in Chertsey, Surrey on Saturday, all in all it was a fun event and it was so nice to see some new faces, especially the Cup Cake Goddess who’s Lemon Meringue Cup cakes were a stroke of GENIUS!! And I have a new soul mate in the lovely Susan of Bespoken and Tit Tat. ¬†Unfortunately she’s not on t’web so you will have to come see her at the next fair in October which I will tell you all about closer to the time.

However, Love From B, (I purchased a pair of too cute knitted doves/hair clippy thing from her, as pictured below) who makes darling little knitted accessories does have a web presence as does the equally lovely Nicky from Beauty Call who stole two of my most favourite vintage breakfast cup and saucer sets! But I don’t mind as I know she loves them…

If your interested in booking a stall at the next fair in October please email me and I will sort you right out! But hurry as there are only a few pitches left!

Sunday I spent a blissful day on the sofa with E.T and a good book. ¬†I’m reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elisabeth Gilbert and loving every page. It really has been hyped to death and has just been turned into what will probably be a completely ghastly movie (Did you see what the sod’s did to the Time Travellers Wife? Blurgh!) but that said the book IS excellent.

And then… August Bank Holiday Monday. Which means one thing… Car Boot heaven!!

I started early and got myself over to Ascot Wood, but was more than a little disappointed and came away with a couple of old pots for the garden, a toy car for E.T and some plain pine shelves for his bedroom project that I’m in the middle of.
Next I¬†fought¬†the traffic through Berkshire to get to my car boot Mecca, Taplow Giant Car Boot where I was confronted by the most handsome man I have ever seen in real life shouting at me to park in the upper¬†field. ¬†He had on very dirty overalls and had that Sawyeresque roguish gorgeousness about him that actually made me blush as we made eye contact.. I didn’t find the nerve to talk to him so skulked off into the mass of eager treasure hunters.

I emerged victoriously with two pairs of 1940/50’s gloves, a 1950s cream leather handbag with bakelite buttons, a genuine ostrich skin 1950s handbag, a glass jelly mould, a 1930s cake stand, a darling pink and 22kt gold detailed bone china tea set, another 22 kt gold, bone china tea cup trio in pale mint green, a selection of vintage plates and an original 1950s glass Eiffel Tower liqueur bottle that I have been coveting off the Rachel Ashwell blog forever! Ching, Ching, Ching!!!

I have also found an advertisement for my desired Christmas gift this year. I can’t help but love them, they glow in the dark AND sway in the wind because they are on springs! SIMPLES!!! Lol!

And now my dear friends, I am typing this little post to you with a cup of Earl Grey and cheese on toast. Magic.

Love to you all,

Sadie x

I love to read, and I love books.  Books take us to far away continents, romances with dark strangers, reveal the secrets of distant movie stars and open our minds to another perspective.

I can’t bear to see books unloved and their pages forgotten.

Old books are my favourite. The smell. The faded pages. The finger marks left by an ancient reader who may be long gone from this world yet the memory of them reading the story still remains.

I found some lovely old books in my local charity shop yesterday, three of a set of 1960s Observation, illustrated books, two 1950s girls annuals and a chunky illustrated copy of Arabian nights that is most likey from the 50s.

I wanted to share some of the wonderful illustrations that are in the 50s girls annuals. They are simply divine!

Delightful¬†aren’t they? ¬†I love the¬†positive,¬†healthy¬†images of all the girls and women. It makes me want to cry when I think of the highly¬†sexualized, thin images that our teen girls look at in today’s annuals/magazines.

I guess I’m just not for these times….

Love to you all, Sadie xxx

Well, I have to say that I was a little disappointed at the lack of great stuff on offer this weekend at the markets. ¬†I went to three and only returned with a handfull of items. I completely forgot it was Fathers Day as my Pa is in Spain and has been for weeks! I did give him a card though before he left. So these are the few bits I found, the pics are a bit naff but you get the idea…

So These two handsome chaps are Circa 1930 and were made in England by the Price Brothers. They are darling Biscuit coloured bookends.

Two lovely old Granny Crochet blankets. Is it Crochet or Crocheted????

A 19th century Guilt wall light, that needs re-wiring! Big time!

And this is the Bat Mobile! ET and I could not believe it when we pulled up behind it on our way home from the markets! He is really into cars, so he screamed with delight!

As you know it was Fathers Day, And I have the most wonderful Father.

This fathers day has been bitter sweet for me as it’s my son’s first Father-less Fathers Day.
When you have a son that is deserted by a worthless father it truly makes you appreciate your own father just for being there.
There are too many sons and daughters growing up without Daddies, any man who is there, paying school fees and bringing home a wage to feed his kids and love them deserves to be appreciated on Fathers Day.
It makes all the little things I blamed my Dad for seem so pathetic, because he was, at least, there for me and loved and provided for me.

My wonderful Pa and ET. I hope I can find a guy even half as wonderful as my dad!

Love to you all, Sadie xxx

Hi darlings!

Another week has flown by and I have been hard pressed for time what with being a single mother and the business of trying to run a vintage boutique and everything else.  These lilac stocks are filling my house with a very delicate sweet fragrance though and that seems to keep me calm.

It’s nice to just slow down for a minute, read through all of your lovely blogs and put finger to keyboard for my own whilst enjoying a cup of very sweet, milky Earl Grey…

I have found SO many treasures this week that I have only just got through photographing, cleaning and cataloguing them all, most I found at The Taplow Giant (and they are serious when they say giant!) Car boot in Berkshire.  Taplow is a strange mix of sellers really, and you do have to walk a bit, but there are treasures to be found.

Now just look at her! Isn’t she beautiful? ¬†She is a print that has been hand painted onto to give the illusion from a distance that she is a real oil on canvas, and is probably a 70’s repro. ¬†I say this because the frame was covered in a bizarre brown felt, which, after many hours of picking and cleaning off with a knife and some nail varnish remover revealed quite a pretty wooden ¬†frame underneath that I painted gold. Nice huh? She is not going anywhere though my friends and has moved in with ET and I and enjoys watching Cash in The Attic with us!

I love this trio of French Rose prints, many times I have heard dealers say a pair is better than one, so what about a TRIO! They are so pretty, with just the right amount of fading and the frames all match too. I was assured by the seller that they were in their mothers house since he was a child and he was in his 50s, and I would say that sounds about right from the look of them.

And these little milky coloured plaster of Paris dipped in resin religious Icons are heavenly! I bought them off my favourite dealer who brings me trinkets from France every now and again. Wait till I show you what else I got of him in my next post……

Don’t you just love 50s retro?

Too many other things to show you today, but of course you can buy most of these items at the Flea Boutique (not meaning to be such a cyper pimp!)

I’m heading out again on Sunday to THREE different markets, so more treasure next week to show you.

The reason for all this frantic purchasing is that I am about to embark on my first Vintage Fair as a stall holder which I am very excited about, and if you have any tips or advice to give me for that I would be SOOOOO grateful!

See you soon,

Sadie xxx

Hi all, hope your having a great weekend? Are you all gearing up for the Bank Holiday boot fairs too? I wonder what treasures we will find?

Just wanted to show you some of my new items I have just launched in my Vintage Tea Cup Candles Range.

The tea cups are all vintage and special in their own right, and I have filled them with a delicately scented candle made for 100% eco friendly soy flakes, which means they not only burn clean, but, once the candle has burnt out you can just clean the cup with soap and warm water and it will be ready to be used again as a tea cup or send it back to me and I will refill it for you!  ULTIMATE recycling! Another reason why I love vintage and antique items!

The next candle was done on the spur of the moment, but I think it is really cute! Non?

You can buy any of the candles and more in the collection that are not shown here by clicking the following link!

Happy shopping everyone!

Sadie xxx

I wanted to share my recent AMAZING finds I found over the last week.

I have been crying out for some curtains for my bedroom and have been keeping my eye out at the usual flea’ and second hand shops. ¬†Nothing appeared for months and then, just like buses, to my delight I found not one but THREE pairs of lovely, vintage curtains.

I found two pairs of fully lined, heavy sage green and gold embroiderred curtains that I found under a mountain of artificial plastic flowers. ¬†As I pulled at the shimmering fabric a swarm of women began to descend seeing that I had found a treasure, at which point I had to literally throw myself onto them to protect them from all the hands that decided they wanted in on the action, I screamed at the dirty looking vendor for a price, at which he sratched his head and said, “urr, dunno? fiver?” this stirred the crowed more so I threw ¬£3.00 at him which he seemed very happy with, and pushed through the crowd of bitter faces! VICTORY!

I had them dry cleaned because they were filthy and smelt like old biscuits, but now they are all shiny and lovely and they match perfectly with my Grey Gardens colour scheme. They have really transformed the feel and warmth of the room. Isn’t it amazing how soft furnishings can do that?

Then, to my absolute delight, yesterday I went to one of my favorite charity shops near Eton College and found the MOST beautiful, full length (6 and half ft) 100% silk, fully lined curtains in antique white. I DIE!

Can you believe I paid ¬£5 English pounds for these!!! They are banana’s. I’m sorry I haven’t given you any full length shots of these but I am currently in the middle of redesigning my bedroom and want to keep it a secret until it’s complete! Just think, Parisian Boudoir inspired by Claudia Strasser at the Paris Apartment.

I have that little warm feeling in my heart, you know the one where you find a real treasure that not only compliments but raises the beauty of your home, and the feeling is even more intense because they were such a bargain. Sale of the century!

On top of that, my lovely new blog friend, Michele of Cowboys and Custard sent a new friend to add to my son’s vintage toy collection. And not only that, but a few lovely little presents for me as well. She is a doll, and I’m working on a gift for her now, but shhhhh it’s a secret!

Here’s Sipi, (the red head!lol!) a vintage “Where the wild things are” doll, and his new pals.

Now, must dash. I really have to finish the photo editing for the launch of my new range, which I should (fingers crossed) launch in the next few weeks, so check in for the big reveal!

Sadie xx

Vintage Barrel Back Chair Now Sold

We will be showing here!!