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When it comes to my favourite design style, describing it is what I call Vintage Parisian Chic.

Nothing is more chic or Parisian than Mdme Coco Chanel and while you may not believe this I have only just stumbled upon images of her apartment above the Chanel store in Paris.

Now, as you know I am partial to a soft, pastel colour pallett, but I think I could quite happily bend a little for Chanels gorgeous interior scheme.

I haven’t really spoken in my blog about my other obsession which is for all things Japanese, but, and while I’m not convinced that the panels are Japanese, they certain hint at being inspired if not from that part of the world.

J’adore the Colossus chandelier in the lounge. It was designed and made for Mdme Chanel and has the famous double C logo intricately used on the arms.

I stumbled upon the apartment while watching The Rachel Zoe Project a week or so back, the pictures are a bit fuzzie as I took them from the TV but you get the idea…

I love the expression on Rachel’s assistant, Brad’s face. It says it all really.

And here is Rachel lounging on Chanel’s sofa. I DIE.

She really was unique.

Sadie xxx


Hi all, I have a really busy weekend coming up, and am heading off to my Pa’s house in Kent tommorow morning as he is hosting E.T’s first birthday party on Saturday. BBQ and Pirates! I cant wait!

I have just stumbled upon a delicious blog called Home. Jackie, (who I cannot believe is nearly 60 as she is a total babe!) has real taste, but with that quirky edge that I love.

I wanted to share some pis that she has recently posted on her blog. They are from Country Living’s Rachel Ashwell interview. THE Queen of Shabby Chic and the woman who really started the whole movement.

I feel this look will be eternally desirable.

Where the hell did she get those Glass Eiffel Tower Bottles and who do I have to sleep with to get some?????

This chandelier is banana’s. I would happily sacrifice a limb to posses it!

I wonder if I could make something like it?……

I wanted to share my recent AMAZING finds I found over the last week.

I have been crying out for some curtains for my bedroom and have been keeping my eye out at the usual flea’ and second hand shops.  Nothing appeared for months and then, just like buses, to my delight I found not one but THREE pairs of lovely, vintage curtains.

I found two pairs of fully lined, heavy sage green and gold embroiderred curtains that I found under a mountain of artificial plastic flowers.  As I pulled at the shimmering fabric a swarm of women began to descend seeing that I had found a treasure, at which point I had to literally throw myself onto them to protect them from all the hands that decided they wanted in on the action, I screamed at the dirty looking vendor for a price, at which he sratched his head and said, “urr, dunno? fiver?” this stirred the crowed more so I threw £3.00 at him which he seemed very happy with, and pushed through the crowd of bitter faces! VICTORY!

I had them dry cleaned because they were filthy and smelt like old biscuits, but now they are all shiny and lovely and they match perfectly with my Grey Gardens colour scheme. They have really transformed the feel and warmth of the room. Isn’t it amazing how soft furnishings can do that?

Then, to my absolute delight, yesterday I went to one of my favorite charity shops near Eton College and found the MOST beautiful, full length (6 and half ft) 100% silk, fully lined curtains in antique white. I DIE!

Can you believe I paid £5 English pounds for these!!! They are banana’s. I’m sorry I haven’t given you any full length shots of these but I am currently in the middle of redesigning my bedroom and want to keep it a secret until it’s complete! Just think, Parisian Boudoir inspired by Claudia Strasser at the Paris Apartment.

I have that little warm feeling in my heart, you know the one where you find a real treasure that not only compliments but raises the beauty of your home, and the feeling is even more intense because they were such a bargain. Sale of the century!

On top of that, my lovely new blog friend, Michele of Cowboys and Custard sent a new friend to add to my son’s vintage toy collection. And not only that, but a few lovely little presents for me as well. She is a doll, and I’m working on a gift for her now, but shhhhh it’s a secret!

Here’s Sipi, (the red head!lol!) a vintage “Where the wild things are” doll, and his new pals.

Now, must dash. I really have to finish the photo editing for the launch of my new range, which I should (fingers crossed) launch in the next few weeks, so check in for the big reveal!

Sadie xx

I’m so delighted to welcome the wonderful Queen of New Vintage Cath Kidston to the Flea Market Chic blog!

From now on you’ll see a few tasteful advertisements scattered around the blog (but not to many!) This helps me get in some much needed income, as my ever growing son is still refusing to earn his keep (ok, so he is still only 11 months old!)

On top of this, I will be able to offer my lovely blog friends discounts and special offers at Cath Kidston on-line, so keep an eye out!

Cath Kidston has always been a trend setter when it comes to vintage style home wares, fabrics bags and clothing, and I bet you didn’t know she started out with her own little flea shop in London?  I love Cath, and love to use her items with original vintage items in my shoots, homes and styling designs.

I am really taken by the new “Big Smoke” design, I popped into the Windsor store last week and the entrance hall was decorated in the wallpaper, it looked so cute.  I’m desperatly trying to find a project to use it in.

If you have a chance, I highly recommend popping into a Cath Kidston Store. Of course you can see the expected grand array of Cath Kidtson products, but look closely at the decor of the shop… The genius team who put the stores together include original vintage pieces like pictures, lighting, posters and other various decorative items and there are the occasional original vintage items to buy as well.

This little sewing box is to DIE for huh?

Please visit Cath Kidston’s on-line store at th link below, you can also order your free quarterly magazine there!

Big blog hugs, Sadie xx

Ok REALLY quick post as I have a mountain of stock to list, weigh, measure, clean and photograph but I simply had to share this with you.

You may have noticed by now that my favourite interiors style is vintage French, especially Parisian, well, my all time favourite blogger, The oh so chic Claudia Strasser of The Paris Apartment is currently on one of her amazing shopping/design/social trips in Paris and I wanted to encourage you to stalk her with me during the trip.

She regularly updates, and so far this trip is turning out to be a GREAT one! Don’t take my word for it though. Check it out. You won’t regret it and you can thank me later for recommending it to you !

Big hugs, Sadie xx

Hi guys! It feels like about a MONTH since I last posted.  I have been crazy busy ! A weeks holiday in Wales, styling a show flat for a developer, organising E.T’s 1st birthday party and of course, hunting for new stock for the shop.

Here are a few pics to get you excited, some pics I took of the family in Wales and one of E.T looking gourgeous on the beach!

My sister and my niece, I think they look like they are taking a stroll through heaven.

I’m just putting the finishing touches to a little project I have been waiting to Launch on you! Very excited! Check back in a few days and all will be revealed!

Big sunny hugs from Sadie xx

Vintage Barrel Back Chair Now Sold

We will be showing here!!