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I had the most beautiful dream!

I was lounging in a beautiful white room, filled with sunlight and fresh fragrant flowers…

And when I woke up, sat at my desk with my coffee to get my daily blog and caffeine fix and there was my room! Courtesy of one of my favourite blogs, Little Emma English Home.

Delicious. I will always come back to this interior style.

Love Sadie  xxx


I seem to be short on time and sleep at the moment.  ET is has a hundred teeth coming through and is being so clingy that he is starting to feel like an extra limb!

Anyway, apologises again for the time lapse between posts and as promised here are some pics from the Love Vintage and Retro Craft Fair that I had a stall at on the 17th of June in Surrey.

I had the best pitch in the house!!! A double stall right in front of the entrance, so I doubled up as the welcoming committee too!

I went for a sort of vintage Cath Kidston inspired look for the merchandising complete with my home made bunting. What do you think? Does it look OK?

It was my first foray into selling at fairs, and although it was a quiet day, partly due to it being the first event for Love Vintage and Retro, I did pretty well and went home with a lighter load than when I arrived. It was hard to part with most of the items, as it is when I sell online, but hey, that’s the name of the game right?

On top of that, this week I have had to help my sister move and redecorate an entire house, help another relative move new furniture into their house, my Mother is moving back from Egypt permanently (YEAY!) and I have had a very exciting invitation to collaborate with one of my most favourite people from blog land on an exciting new project! It’s all a bit of a secret at the moment but I promise I will reveal all in due course so keep checking back. It really is very very exciting and will blow your socks off!

In the mean time, Love to you all,

Sadie xx

Lidy Barrs of French Garden House, has the most beautiful vintage and antique items for sale at her on-line boutique,  just want to tease you with a few of my favorites.

Lidy really has exquisite taste thanks to being born and raised in Europe. Now living and working out of California, she is mistress of her domain the French Garden House blog and on-line boutique.

Lidy, Flea salute you!!! xxxx

Vintage Barrel Back Chair Now Sold

We will be showing here!!