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Hope your all well, a curious post from me today, and also a hope of some suggestions from you aspiring interior designers out there.

I have been commisioned to style an event in London in December, it’s all very hush hush and a bit of a secret but the request from the client is… Vintage but no pastel colours and not too girly!

Now as I am sure you are all aware, I am a fan of the more delicate colour palette and the major trend in vintage and shabby chic design is for pretty pastels and muted tones. So what’s a girl to do?

Here is my idea that I have put forward to the client.

Vintage/ Victorian / Opium Den inspired by Dita Von Teese and her recent performance at the 2010 Erotica show at Olympia in London.

Now, not one to do things by halves, I have decided to do a 180 turn on the usual vintage colour pallette and am going for blood reds, emerald greens, gold and silver, black, bronze and brown.

I want to combine vintage pieces into a Victorian Opium Den design. Without being too gimicky.

I want to add some quirky winter fruit center pieces on a few 3 foot tables covered in burgandy linen.  Like those seen on the Most Curious Party site.

I want to create a dark, warm interior, lit dimly by scattered candles and elegant lamps. Like  Bar 228 at Le Meurice in Paris…

And the grown up Vintage glamour of Madam Jo Jo’s and the Rivoli Ballrooms

I have quite a collection of gold gilt frames, and am hiring several pieces of taxidermy along with other curios including religious icons, oriental rugs, battered vintage suitcases… all of which I will be using in the styling of the event.

I have been assured that the gin and Champagne will be flowing too, so all in all I am really looking forward to this event and of course will keep you updated and take plenty of pictures to show you!

All the best for now, Sadie xx


Did anyone else DIE for the tapestry cushions that Kirstie “attempted ” to make on Home Made Home last night?!Well here they are!

You can get the kits from the lovely Emily Peacock’s on-line store (the lady on last nights programme)

The Kits start from £54.99 and contain everything you need to make the cushion.

I’m ordering mine NOW!!! Should be ready by next Christmas?

Love, Sadie xxx

Now this is my kind of apartment. Shabby? Check. Quirky? Check. Vintage? Check and double check.

Celebrity Make up artist Charlie Green’s New York Apartment gets the Boon thumbs up!

Here’s what the hostess herself tells about her original approach to the decor of her apartment :

{…just imagine a Gypsy band set up an encampment in a Catholic Church and then, put over it an image of the Old Buckingham Palace… that’s exactly how my apartment looks like!}

Old couch for two acquired by Charlie at one of New York  ‘second hands’. Vintage cushions  and a wall carpet with religious motiff are from flea markets. A lamp with crystal pendants found at a street sale. An illustrated album is dedicated to the coronation of Elizabeth II.

{A beautiful china teaset collection above the kitchen sink is in lovely combination with vintage jewelry. The portrait of a Jamaican boy is a gift from a fashion and celebrity photographer Walter Chin.}

{1. French couch in a living room. 2. Portrait of Elizabeth II was made by aerographer – a genuine Hollywood thing! 3. a TV on an old table is a gift to Charlie from her sister. The picture of a girl decorated with cut out from postcard flowers.}

Lots of Love Sadie xx

Halooo to all you lovely people on this chilly Sunday!

I hope your all reading this on your lap-tops snuggled under the duvet with a steaming hot cup of tea and enjoying your weekend.

So, after months of hard work, tweaking and being the most difficult client I have ever built a website for, I have FINALLY Launched the Sadie Boon Vintage on-line boutique!

Here is a sneak peak!

You can visit the site here, and I am offering an exclusive 10% discount for all my blog readers, just choose what you want and email me, and I will pack it off to you!

Hope you enjoy it! Love Sadie xx

Apologies, again, for not posting sooner, but it seems I am in high demand these days and have just been invited to style the Christmas party for my wonderful friends at Beauty Call. More info on that soon,

But for now, here are some lovely pics from the ever wonderful BVintage Bazaar that took place on Sunday just gone.

If you want to find out about the next event please email the vintage expert Berni Bales on her Facebook page.

Just before I show you the pics, was anyone else confused on Tuesday night while watching Kirstie’s Homemade Home when she kept saying “Ardinglie Antiques Fair”? Was it her just being a little too posh or is it me? I have always thought it was “Ardingley” as in “Ar-ding-lee”? Hmmm opinions purlease.

What a lovely time we had! Hope you like the pictures and wrap up warm girls it’s COLD out there!

Sadie xx

I am completely obsessed with mid 20th century French tolewear chandeliers.  These darling objects are, for me, the ultimate in vintage  shabby chic heaven!

Tolewear is a production process were by paint is applied, then laquered in the Japaned method to tin or thin steel and has been used since the 18th century on a range of items from kitchenalia, serving trays, hat boxes and decorative items but I particulary love chandeliers made in the 1950s and 1960s.

Here are a selection of chandeliers currently on sale on-line that I am coveting at present.

This beauty is available at La Belle Etoffe for £245.00 as is this stunner below for £375.oo.

The following pair of simply gorgeous chandeliers are available from one of my favourite places to find stunning French homewear, French Finds , and are a bargin at £525.00.

This peach is available also from French Finds at £325.oo

Or how about these delightfully cheerful chandliers on offer on Ebay now for £420.00? Yes please!

Ebay has a good selection available most of the time, and you can always find several on my watch list at any one time, you can pick up some bargains on auction from about £50.00 not including p & p, but you will usually need to get a qualified electrician to check it over or re-wire it for you before use to be on the safe side. Just search Vintage Tolewear in the lighting category and bob’s your uncle!

Happy Tuesday, Sadie xx

Vintage Barrel Back Chair Now Sold

We will be showing here!!