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Hey guys,

I can’t believe I am apologising again for the long gap between posts but my life has in fact become MORE hectic than even last time I posted!

My mother has made the permanent move home to Blighty from Egypt (yeay!) and is staying with ET and I while she finds and finishes her new home, which I will be designing for her.

I have stumbled upon a designer called Palmer Weiss via the belle maison blog whilst looking for inspiration for my mothers home and I have simply fallen in love with her retro chic designs.

Stunning. I would never normal consider using this colour scheme in my own home, as I am sure your familiar with my addiction to the pale palette, but I think I could fall in love with this scheme for my own home.

Isn’t my Mother a lucky girl? She has fallen for it too and she has decided to go for it!! wooo hooo!!

In the mean time, I am exhausted and need a bit of a blogging break, so please don’t worry about me if I disappear for a few weeks as I am snowed under and will return with some great new posts and projects for you.

Keep those comments and emails coming though as I will be checking my mail and will strive to get back to you.

Big love,  Sadie xxx


I seem to be short on time and sleep at the moment.  ET is has a hundred teeth coming through and is being so clingy that he is starting to feel like an extra limb!

Anyway, apologises again for the time lapse between posts and as promised here are some pics from the Love Vintage and Retro Craft Fair that I had a stall at on the 17th of June in Surrey.

I had the best pitch in the house!!! A double stall right in front of the entrance, so I doubled up as the welcoming committee too!

I went for a sort of vintage Cath Kidston inspired look for the merchandising complete with my home made bunting. What do you think? Does it look OK?

It was my first foray into selling at fairs, and although it was a quiet day, partly due to it being the first event for Love Vintage and Retro, I did pretty well and went home with a lighter load than when I arrived. It was hard to part with most of the items, as it is when I sell online, but hey, that’s the name of the game right?

On top of that, this week I have had to help my sister move and redecorate an entire house, help another relative move new furniture into their house, my Mother is moving back from Egypt permanently (YEAY!) and I have had a very exciting invitation to collaborate with one of my most favourite people from blog land on an exciting new project! It’s all a bit of a secret at the moment but I promise I will reveal all in due course so keep checking back. It really is very very exciting and will blow your socks off!

In the mean time, Love to you all,

Sadie xx

Hello my lovelies, I want to apologise for not blogging in so long.  I have been snowed under with preperations for my first ever Vintage fair which I am exhibiting at the Love Retro and Vintage Craft Market in Hythe in Kent this weekend the 17th of July.  I am tres excitamundo as you can imagine!

I have been labelling all my stock with brown luggage labels, painting display shelves duck egg blue, making 16 yards, yes 16 yards of bunting from vintage fabric scraps, laying it out, wrapping it all up safely in boxes, then realising I haven’t put price labels on anything, unwrapping again…. you get the picture?

I booked a 12 foot table and am starting to panic a bit about having enough stock! it always feels like you have LOADS until it’s displayed… maybe I’m just worrying to much…

On top of all that, as you may know, the weather has been insane! HEATWAVE then good old England… down pour and grey skies,  Also ET took his first independent steps (yeay!) and I am gob smacked by how quickly he has gone from two steps to running around the house and inevitably smashing his face into walls, floors, doors and even the baby safety gate. Very Safe indeed. My cream carpet + baby blood = not chic. ho hum. But I am delighted he is up on his feet. Now where can I enrol him in ballet classes?….

Now then, I wanted to mention something, and would love your feedback.  I discovered a little blog called Fille De Fleur, Flower Girl a while back and I wanted to share some pictures of her home with you.

It really is a lovely little vintage inspired home, or rather, was.

Unfortunatley due to the economic crisis the lady, Kim, had to leave her house and move in with her sister and I was so upset to think she had to pack up and sell all her lovely pieces.  I couldn’t imagine having to do that… give up all my treasures. She is very brave and as I said to her on her post..

“Hello Kim, What a lovely home you created! I’m so sorry you had to part with it but family IS the most precious thing.
I just wanted to say, all the lovely objects that you filled your home with will have been sold on and are now continuing their stories and journeys, and filling other homes with joy now. I am very sentimental about the treasures I find and love and the stories of their own pasts but the beauty of these things is that they move on and are recycled. That’s what makes vintage and antiques truly beautiful.

All my love, Sadie at Flea x”

I’ll post early next week (I promise) with pics from the fair and a full run down of goings on.

Have a lovely sunny weekend, Sadie xx

I love to read, and I love books.  Books take us to far away continents, romances with dark strangers, reveal the secrets of distant movie stars and open our minds to another perspective.

I can’t bear to see books unloved and their pages forgotten.

Old books are my favourite. The smell. The faded pages. The finger marks left by an ancient reader who may be long gone from this world yet the memory of them reading the story still remains.

I found some lovely old books in my local charity shop yesterday, three of a set of 1960s Observation, illustrated books, two 1950s girls annuals and a chunky illustrated copy of Arabian nights that is most likey from the 50s.

I wanted to share some of the wonderful illustrations that are in the 50s girls annuals. They are simply divine!

Delightful aren’t they?  I love the positive, healthy images of all the girls and women. It makes me want to cry when I think of the highly sexualized, thin images that our teen girls look at in today’s annuals/magazines.

I guess I’m just not for these times….

Love to you all, Sadie xxx

Vintage Barrel Back Chair Now Sold

We will be showing here!!