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I’m so delighted to welcome the wonderful Queen of New Vintage Cath Kidston to the Flea Market Chic blog!

From now on you’ll see a few tasteful advertisements scattered around the blog (but not to many!) This helps me get in some much needed income, as my ever growing son is still refusing to earn his keep (ok, so he is still only 11 months old!)

On top of this, I will be able to offer my lovely blog friends discounts and special offers at Cath Kidston on-line, so keep an eye out!

Cath Kidston has always been a trend setter when it comes to vintage style home wares, fabrics bags and clothing, and I bet you didn’t know she started out with her own little flea shop in London?  I love Cath, and love to use her items with original vintage items in my shoots, homes and styling designs.

I am really taken by the new “Big Smoke” design, I popped into the Windsor store last week and the entrance hall was decorated in the wallpaper, it looked so cute.  I’m desperatly trying to find a project to use it in.

If you have a chance, I highly recommend popping into a Cath Kidston Store. Of course you can see the expected grand array of Cath Kidtson products, but look closely at the decor of the shop… The genius team who put the stores together include original vintage pieces like pictures, lighting, posters and other various decorative items and there are the occasional original vintage items to buy as well.

This little sewing box is to DIE for huh?

Please visit Cath Kidston’s on-line store at th link below, you can also order your free quarterly magazine there!

Big blog hugs, Sadie xx


Ok REALLY quick post as I have a mountain of stock to list, weigh, measure, clean and photograph but I simply had to share this with you.

You may have noticed by now that my favourite interiors style is vintage French, especially Parisian, well, my all time favourite blogger, The oh so chic Claudia Strasser of The Paris Apartment is currently on one of her amazing shopping/design/social trips in Paris and I wanted to encourage you to stalk her with me during the trip.

She regularly updates, and so far this trip is turning out to be a GREAT one! Don’t take my word for it though. Check it out. You won’t regret it and you can thank me later for recommending it to you !

Big hugs, Sadie xx

My friend Lizzie at the Merry Magpie has a keen eye for flea market chic. She is still in her early twenties, but already knows the difference between treasure and trash.

This Shropshire based vintageista (yes I have just made that up) runs a fab little on-line boutique selling her pretty decorative trinkets and has a gorgeous  and unique collection of papier mache objects from from Nepal and India that are too cute to ignore.

I’m in love with the whimsical items she has in her Tea-Time collection, they just make me want to take afternoon tea in the garden, which I might add is not so good as I’m on the 2010 Bikini Diet!!

Her blog is turning into a little gem as well and highly reccommend a frequent visit.

I look forward to watching her spread her wings, and can’t wait to bump into her at a future market, where we can wrestle over the bargains!

Sadie xx

Lidy Barrs of French Garden House, has the most beautiful vintage and antique items for sale at her on-line boutique,  just want to tease you with a few of my favorites.

Lidy really has exquisite taste thanks to being born and raised in Europe. Now living and working out of California, she is mistress of her domain the French Garden House blog and on-line boutique.

Lidy, Flea salute you!!! xxxx

French Finds is a UK and France based company that specialise in sourcing original French antique and vintage furniture and decorative items direct from France. They stock a range of popular French furniture styles such as Provencal, Henri II, Rococo, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Empire and Napoleanic to name a few. They absolutely do not sell any new reproduction pieces! You can see all their fantastic items on their beautifully simple website .

Here are some of my favourite pieces of theirs at the moment.

Sorry just a quick post today as I am off to visit a client to help her with sourcing some nice bits for their new clothing store, and I am helping with the interiors styling! I’ll post the pics and details once we complete xxxx

Hi all,

Sorry I have been absent over the last week, but I have been CRAZY busy scouting for some new items for my online shop that I will shortly be launching.

Just wanted to mention a great dealer in French Antique and vintage furniture based in the South of England called The French Depot.

They are really very affordable and have pretty good quality items, and are always getting in new items.

Love these quirky chairs, and only £120.00 each!!

Also I am taken by these pretty beds.. You would be INSANE to re-upholster them though.

The French Depot is at: Drury Lane, St Leonards on the Hill, but they deliver UK wide and possibly international upon request.

I have just discovered anthropologie, which has just opened a new store on London’s Regent Street.

I popped in after passing and unfortunately (or maybe thankfully) I didn’t have my credit card on me, otherwise I would have spent a fortune.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces which you can buy at their online store, and while they are not vintage or flea items, they certainly reflect the feel and are really quite lovely pieces that you will treasure.

Hover over the image for the name of each item then link to the store below if you want to purchase, as I most certainly will be doing.

these are so cute!

Is this not the most amazing, sexy apron you have ever seen?

Tuxedo Shirt Bedding. Genius

I covet. I will be over my credit limit again this month. It’s worth it.

Vintage Barrel Back Chair Now Sold

We will be showing here!!