So Sadie and I decided that we need to explore our local area of Berkshire to source some more Chalk paint.

We discovered that there is a shop not to far from us called Country mouse creative living that stocks Annie Sloan’s famous Chalk paint collection. So we bundled my grandson into the MPV and got out the sat nav. Here’s where the problem started the address was typed in but as per usual the sat nav didn’t recognize it as it had no house number!!!

Well it pointed us in the general direction so we set off, after  about 30 mins we began to get a bit suspicious when the road began to take us into country fields.

By now Sadie needed the loo really badly and the baby was getting fed up  in  his car seat  demanding chocolate.We switched the sat nav off at this stage as it just kept repeating itself saying ” you have reached your destination” which happened to be a horse field!!!

We drove off in a direction that looked as though life may exist there and came upon a cafe…only problem being none of the staff spoke enough English to give us any directions!!! aahhhhgggggg!!

Set off again in  the general direction of hand directions from cafe staff and after 5 mins whoopee we found it … no where in the direction the sat nav sent us.

Sadie dashed for the loo while I took my grandson of for a walk around the Antique village where Country mouse is based.

The shop is as we expected from the images on their web site  was lovely, full of vintage painted furniture and shabby chic home wares. Heaven for us as this is our area of interest.

And at the back of the shop Annie Sloan’s Chalk paint’, they stock a good selection of colours and sell the wax and crackle glaze also.

We browsed the shop and admired their furniture pieces and chatted with the lovely ladies who staff the shop, whilst trying to entertain my grandson who wanted to pick up everything he could carry.

Upstairs there are units for antique and vintage sellers who rent space to sell their items , here we found many really great pieces

Elliott my grandson was overcome with excitement when he discovered the vintage toy car collection, it took us 10 minutes to get him away from them without a tantrum which is exceptional for a 2 year old.

We really enjoyed browsing and will return again soon for further paint purchases .

Thankfully return home journey was uneventful!!!

I will keep you posted as to what the paint is going to be used for shortly along with photos .