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So I thought I would share my thoughts and that of a lot of other vintage stall holders during the lean times of the Christmas season.

Its very difficult to cope with the fact that during this time and especially with the current economic climate that stall holders are suffering a good deal financial loss due to poor sales.

Its a sad fact that many of us are working hard sourcing stock and preparing for sales for many weeks before the actual event and it takes a lot of hard work  behind the scenes, only to find that come the big day we are truly disappointed and frustrated that all our hard work seems to add up to very little financial reward.

All very doom and gloom I hear you saying, well be heartened that its not just us Vintager’s

everyone is struggling to keep their heads above water at this time but Christmas just seems to polarize matters as people shop for more commercial items associated with this time of year.

Still spring always follows winter and we should all hold tight and keep our spirits up as who knows what next year will bring.

So on a lighter note this weekend was Sadie and Bernie’s

             Vintage fair at Henley.

It was a freezing day but still a good many visitors came in and browsed , not a particularly good day sales wise but a good time was had as usual .

            The lovely Bernie.

Some pics of our furniture display…

Having a few problems with downloading the photos today…..

Please check out project gallery for more finished items….

until next time…. chin up every one…


Vintage Barrel Back Chair Now Sold

We will be showing here!!