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Breath…. and type…..

Well it surely has been a very busy few weeks (as usual) for team SBV..

We have attended a plethora of Vintage Fairs, and bumped into some fabulous blog world friends too!

But before all that, a little catch up.

One. We are moving house on the 20th of August. A whole month early, and whilst, as you all know, I have planned the entire redocoration and landscaping of the new house, I have yet to pack a single thing or change any utilities… hmmm.

Still, I am very excited and quietly confident of pulling it all together with a little help from my friends!

Two. Project Business expansion.  This has been going extremely well and we are now officially restorers and re workers of lovely old vintage and antique furniture, and we have even started selling pieces before our official launch which is likely to be the beginning of October.

So, now for some pics!

These were taken at the Antique vs Vintage Fair and The Pop – Up Vintage Fair.





August is a hard time for vintage and antique sellers alike, but we have braved through and had a good time doing it.

I was also delighted to finally meet the lovely Landgirl1980 and the HenHouse Family! Both running blogs that I have adored and followed for a few years now. I highly recommend adding then to your blog lists!

Right, flying visit, but I will be back soon (sooner that last time anyway) with more tails of vintage-ness!

kiss, Sadie xx


Girls, girls, girls! Did you hear about my first ever Vintage pop up party?

I’ll be hosting this vintage extravaganza on the 5th of February at the Harte & Garter Hotel in Windsor, much fun to be had with a beauty palour, vintage fashion and home wear, shopping, fashion show, photographers studio and much much more.

To celebrate I am offering my lovely followers the chance to win TWO tickets to the already nearly sold out event.

Just join the facebook group, send post me a message on the wall and I’ll pick the lucky winners from a hat on Saturday the 29th of Jan!

If you want tickets, post me a comment here and I’ll hook you up!

Sadie xx

All this snow is making my obsession with vintage furs even more intense.

Now, I know there is a lot of debate as to whether or not VINTAGE fur is acceptable, and I certainly wouldn’t wear new fur, except perhaps the eco farmed stuff, but surely putting vintage fur (at least no younger than 20 years) to landfill is more ecologically un-ethical than wearing and buying it.

As a meat eating, leather wearing citizen, I find no issue with vintage, eco and responsibly farmed fur, but the debate continues and in my mind we all have the individual right to wear and own what we like as the responsibility lies with the individual to act in all cases as well as this to try as much as possible to encourage fair and humane farming practices by fur farmers.

And I will NOT be quiet if I am attacked in the street, even at vintage events by the left wing anti fur crowd. I AM A PERSON WITH MY OWN MIND AND HAVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE UP MY OWN MIND ABOUT FUR!

So, getting of my soap box, here are some pretty pictures of some truly FABULOUS fur wearing beauties!

The stunning Catherine Deneuve in YSL and Coco Chanel in Chanel (obviously)

Carole Lombard.

Omar Sherif and his lovey female co-stars in Dr Zhivago, the ultimate in fur wearing films!

David Bowie

Elizabeth Taylor wearing fur and the HUGE Taylor Burton Diamond! That woman knows about jewellery.

Elizabeth Taylor has very expensive taste in fur and jewellery and she looks amazing for it.

Hedy Lamarr

Madame Dietrich.

Rita Hayworth, holding her own against Taylor in the Fur and Jewellery stakes.

So I leave you on this cold, winter day to make your own mind up about vintage fur. All I ask is that you think before you attack someone for how they choose to dress.

Love to all, Sadie xx

Halooo to all you lovely people on this chilly Sunday!

I hope your all reading this on your lap-tops snuggled under the duvet with a steaming hot cup of tea and enjoying your weekend.

So, after months of hard work, tweaking and being the most difficult client I have ever built a website for, I have FINALLY Launched the Sadie Boon Vintage on-line boutique!

Here is a sneak peak!

You can visit the site here, and I am offering an exclusive 10% discount for all my blog readers, just choose what you want and email me, and I will pack it off to you!

Hope you enjoy it! Love Sadie xx

Vintage Barrel Back Chair Now Sold

We will be showing here!!