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Hello to you all, hope you haven’t been swept away in this horrid English weather, and if your one of my friends from outside the UK, I understand now how you all presume us Limeys have such bad summers. We do.

As the quest continues for inspiration for the interior decoration of my new apartment, which I should be in by the end of August, I have been toying with the idea of having a gallery of beautiful images adorning my rather large and empty wall in the hall way. Alberto Vargas has always been a favourite of mine for his soft and sensual pin up girl sketches, but he also painted many aristo and society women too.





On another note. I have been attending a lot of vintage fairs lately as a seller. This weekend I’m at the Antique vs Vintage Fair in Surrey and on Sunday at St. Stephen’s in Hampstead for the pop up vintage fair. Come and see me if your around!

Also, I have been getting so many amazing, flattering and exciting business proposals and offers lately… it is so hard to keep things in perspective and Im trying to remind myself that as exciting as all these projects would be there is only one project that I should be spending my precious time with…



Love to you all, Sadie xxx









Vintage Barrel Back Chair Now Sold

We will be showing here!!