Will you take a look at this little beauty!!


Early 1940s Crinoline lady set! YUM!!! I just acquired it and it was so scrumptious that my lovely friend Mrs. Moores Vintage Store  just snatched it right out of my hands!

Hope your all well! Sadie xx


Top of the morning to you all!!

I had some lovely news this week that we will be moving to a new home!!  A lovely pied a terre , with two bedrooms and a big big garden!!!

So, before I have even contemplated packing, I have of course already started planning the interiors. Priorities darlings!

I haven’t shared these before, but here are some pics of the apartment I am in now. Its in Windsor in Berkshire, England. Its a little one bed.








As you can see, my apartment now is VERY pretty and girly with a serious nod to vintage/shabby chic.  I want to be a little bolder in the new place.

Here are some of my design inspirations so far, for the new place.













So I’m looking to get a feel of Dorothy Draper, 165 Eaton Place (BBC Adaptation) and Hollywood Regency Glamour. I am also contemplating whether or not I can get away with a navy blue hallway?? Thoughts please x

Oh and here is pic of myself, my son and my niece at the classic car show in Berkshire yesterday. And yes, I am sporting a new Betty Page fringe. Dress is 50s Vintage St. Micheals xx

Just to mention that a few of the pics taken of my current home are by the lovely Kelly Green at Lola Rose, you can click to her site via the ad at the top, left of the page.

Love love, Sadie xx

Hello my vintage craving darlings!!

Found these little beauties today, your going to love them!!!





This stunning sunny shirt dress is from Horrockses from the 1950s, highly collectable, size 10 and in near perfect condition.






And this pretty full skirt dress is by Hollyrood, is from the 50s and again is size 10 and in near perfect condition.

If you are interested in owning either of these scrumptious pieces please leave a comment and your email and I’ll get back to you .

More gorgeousness tomorrow!!

Love love, Sadie xx

Want to share these divine images from a vintage wedding I styled a few weeks ago.

The day was fabulous and the bride was so beautiful!

As you can see, the theme was very pretty British Vintage and thanks to Kelly Green at Lola Rose Photography. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how wonderful she is. The images speak for themselves!!!

I have the worst cold… I think it’s the boobons…. so thought I would cheer myself up with some pretty Hollwood glamour shoots.

A rather large grin spreads across my face when I look at this heavenly yet ridiculously over the top Champagne glass bed from the 1964 Shirley Maclaine film ” What a way to go”, which by the way is a terrible movie but completely worth watching for the stunning Adrian costumes and fabulously extravagant sets!

Talking of Adrian, a fashion bitch so fabulous that he only needed one name, even in 1950s Hollywood, here are a few of my favourite of his designs followed by some of my other favourites by various designers…

This is Adrian’s design for Jean Harlow in Dinner at 8, the dress was so form fitting that they crew on the set had to construct a vertical bed for Harlow so she could rest between takes. Totally worth it I say…

And then there is Adrian’s pretty prom style dress for the very youthful Elizabeth Taylor in “A Place in The Sun”.

This mind blowing creation was Adrian’s masterpiece for Joan Crawford in “Dancing Lady”.

Cecil Beaton’s creation for the scene in “My Fair Lady” when Audrey is unveiled to high society after her transformation!

Travilla for Monroe in “Gentleman Prefer Blondes”

I could go on, and on…..

Lots of Love, Sadie x

Saturday was indeed a bright, sunny and wonderful day AND I launched the BVintage Bazaar Authentic Vintage Fair with my bestest vintage friend Berni Bales!

With over 20 stalls selling some of the best quality vintage clothing and home wears Berkshire, if not the South has ever seen, a pop up beauty parlour, vintage tea room, alterations specialist and so much more, it was not surprising that over 500 people flocked to the Guildhall in Windsor for the fair!

Even Hollywood movie star Anna Friel couldn’t resist and purchased an array of vintage goodies including hats and beautiful furs, a hat bought for by a patron to be worn at the Royal Wedding and furniture was bought for residents at Windsor Castle!

What can I say, it truly was a wonderful day and it was such an amazing feeling to fulfill one of my “vintage” dreams and to see the fruition of almost a years work.

All I can say is, a picture is worth a thousand words, oh, and I’ll see you at the next fair on the 18th of June in Henley!!!


So it’s my big weekend as I launch the first of my authentic vintage fairs! Yay!

With over 20 stalls selling authentic high quality yet affordable vintage fashion and home wears,  tarot card reader to the stars, pop up vintage beauty parlour, Burlesque photo studio, alterations on site and of course a wonderful vintage tea room you would be MAD not to come and join the fun!

The day kicks off at 10.45 am as the Royal Windsor Guard march past the Guildhall (our venue for the day) then doors open at 11 am for all the fun of the fair!

Entrance is £2 on the door and you can check it out further by visiting the website. www.bvintagebazaar.co.uk

And with Windsor being the most delightful town, with a great selection of shops, restaurants, bars and attraction why not make a day of it!

Hope to see you there!!!!

Sadie xx

I am an avid follower of quite a few blogs, and follow them using the fab Bloglovin site to keep track!

So I have decided to share my favs with you all, and my first recommendation is the wonderful Diary of a Vintage Girl.

The blog is the on-line social diary of beautiful vintage model and vintage socialite Fleur De Guerre . I love following her exploits and looking into her fun life with all her equally stunning friends!

Find Fleur HERE!!!

I once heard an uber famous female music star say that women are either funny OR beautiful, but rarely both…

Well Jane Russell was certainly one of these rare women.

Her beauty was obvious to the eccentric movie mogul Howard Hughes who gave her her first movie role in the film “The Outlaw” however the film was so controversial that it was not allowed to be released to the general public until 5 years after it was made , mainly because of her stunning bosom and ample cleavage. In fact, at one stage the Vatican deemed the film so indecent that to see it would mean you had committed a mortal sin…

As you know, this year I have started to post monthly on Inspirational Vintage Women, and ironically Jane Russell was going to be my next subject as I had always admired her beauty, feist and wit.  Rare in women these days, exceptional in her day.

Rest in peace Jane, you really were quite a woman.

Love Sadie x

Well, well, we’ve come along way baby….

Do you remember when I was just a girl buying junk at boot fairs and cleaning it up to sell on ebay?

Well finally I am fulfilling one of my dreams and with my business partner and vintage guru Berni Bales, I am please to announce the 2011 dates for our authentic vintage fairs!

It’s been my desire for some time to produce high quality vintage fairs, with no distractions like crafters, and to put on these events at beautiful and historic venues, and we have done just that securing the Guildhall in Royal Windsor for two dates, and the Town Hall in Henley for one.

The fairs will play host to an exclusive selection of some of the best UK vintage sellers currently working the UK vintage scene, with over 20 stalls at each event all selling unique, beautiful and high quality vintage fashion, home wear and textiles.

We will also be host to the Vintage Beauty Parlor, a fab little salon offering vintage and period hair and makeovers plus much more!

I am more than happy to thank all my lovely blog friends for supporting me over the last few years by offering you all free entry to any of the three dates! And hope you will try to come to the fairs! Just email me for comp tickets .

Dates are as follows!

The Guildhall, Windsor, 9th of April, 11am – 4pm

Henley Town Hall, Henley on Thames, 18th of June, 11am – 4pm

The Guildhall, Windsor, 1st of October, 11am -4pm

Please have a peep at the website! www.bvintagebazaar.co.uk

Hope to see you there!

Sadie x

Vintage Barrel Back Chair Now Sold

We will be showing here!!