I once heard an uber famous female music star say that women are either funny OR beautiful, but rarely both…

Well Jane Russell was certainly one of these rare women.

Her beauty was obvious to the eccentric movie mogul Howard Hughes who gave her her first movie role in the film “The Outlaw” however the film was so controversial that it was not allowed to be released to the general public until 5 years after it was made , mainly because of her stunning bosom and ample cleavage. In fact, at one stage the Vatican deemed the film so indecent that to see it would mean you had committed a mortal sin…

As you know, this year I have started to post monthly on Inspirational Vintage Women, and ironically Jane Russell was going to be my next subject as I had always admired her beauty, feist and wit.  Rare in women these days, exceptional in her day.

Rest in peace Jane, you really were quite a woman.

Love Sadie x