All this snow is making my obsession with vintage furs even more intense.

Now, I know there is a lot of debate as to whether or not VINTAGE fur is acceptable, and I certainly wouldn’t wear new fur, except perhaps the eco farmed stuff, but surely putting vintage fur (at least no younger than 20 years) to landfill is more ecologically un-ethical than wearing and buying it.

As a meat eating, leather wearing citizen, I find no issue with vintage, eco and responsibly farmed fur, but the debate continues and in my mind we all have the individual right to wear and own what we like as the responsibility lies with the individual to act in all cases as well as this to try as much as possible to encourage fair and humane farming practices by fur farmers.

And I will NOT be quiet if I am attacked in the street, even at vintage events by the left wing anti fur crowd. I AM A PERSON WITH MY OWN MIND AND HAVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE UP MY OWN MIND ABOUT FUR!

So, getting of my soap box, here are some pretty pictures of some truly FABULOUS fur wearing beauties!

The stunning Catherine Deneuve in YSL and Coco Chanel in Chanel (obviously)

Carole Lombard.

Omar Sherif and his lovey female co-stars in Dr Zhivago, the ultimate in fur wearing films!

David Bowie

Elizabeth Taylor wearing fur and the HUGE Taylor Burton Diamond! That woman knows about jewellery.

Elizabeth Taylor has very expensive taste in fur and jewellery and she looks amazing for it.

Hedy Lamarr

Madame Dietrich.

Rita Hayworth, holding her own against Taylor in the Fur and Jewellery stakes.

So I leave you on this cold, winter day to make your own mind up about vintage fur. All I ask is that you think before you attack someone for how they choose to dress.

Love to all, Sadie xx