Now this is my kind of apartment. Shabby? Check. Quirky? Check. Vintage? Check and double check.

Celebrity Make up artist Charlie Green’s New York Apartment gets the Boon thumbs up!

Here’s what the hostess herself tells about her original approach to the decor of her apartment :

{…just imagine a Gypsy band set up an encampment in a Catholic Church and then, put over it an image of the Old Buckingham Palace… that’s exactly how my apartment looks like!}

Old couch for two acquired by Charlie at one of New York  ‘second hands’. Vintage cushions  and a wall carpet with religious motiff are from flea markets. A lamp with crystal pendants found at a street sale. An illustrated album is dedicated to the coronation of Elizabeth II.

{A beautiful china teaset collection above the kitchen sink is in lovely combination with vintage jewelry. The portrait of a Jamaican boy is a gift from a fashion and celebrity photographer Walter Chin.}

{1. French couch in a living room. 2. Portrait of Elizabeth II was made by aerographer – a genuine Hollywood thing! 3. a TV on an old table is a gift to Charlie from her sister. The picture of a girl decorated with cut out from postcard flowers.}

Lots of Love Sadie xx