Hey guys,

I can’t believe I am apologising again for the long gap between posts but my life has in fact become MORE hectic than even last time I posted!

My mother has made the permanent move home to Blighty from Egypt (yeay!) and is staying with ET and I while she finds and finishes her new home, which I will be designing for her.

I have stumbled upon a designer called Palmer Weiss via the belle maison blog whilst looking for inspiration for my mothers home and I have simply fallen in love with her retro chic designs.

Stunning. I would never normal consider using this colour scheme in my own home, as I am sure your familiar with my addiction to the pale palette, but I think I could fall in love with this scheme for my own home.

Isn’t my Mother a lucky girl? She has fallen for it too and she has decided to go for it!! wooo hooo!!

In the mean time, I am exhausted and need a bit of a blogging break, so please don’t worry about me if I disappear for a few weeks as I am snowed under and will return with some great new posts and projects for you.

Keep those comments and emails coming though as I will be checking my mail and will strive to get back to you.

Big love,  Sadie xxx