I love to read, and I love books.  Books take us to far away continents, romances with dark strangers, reveal the secrets of distant movie stars and open our minds to another perspective.

I can’t bear to see books unloved and their pages forgotten.

Old books are my favourite. The smell. The faded pages. The finger marks left by an ancient reader who may be long gone from this world yet the memory of them reading the story still remains.

I found some lovely old books in my local charity shop yesterday, three of a set of 1960s Observation, illustrated books, two 1950s girls annuals and a chunky illustrated copy of Arabian nights that is most likey from the 50s.

I wanted to share some of the wonderful illustrations that are in the 50s girls annuals. They are simply divine!

Delightful aren’t they?  I love the positive, healthy images of all the girls and women. It makes me want to cry when I think of the highly sexualized, thin images that our teen girls look at in today’s annuals/magazines.

I guess I’m just not for these times….

Love to you all, Sadie xxx