Well, I have to say that I was a little disappointed at the lack of great stuff on offer this weekend at the markets.  I went to three and only returned with a handfull of items. I completely forgot it was Fathers Day as my Pa is in Spain and has been for weeks! I did give him a card though before he left. So these are the few bits I found, the pics are a bit naff but you get the idea…

So These two handsome chaps are Circa 1930 and were made in England by the Price Brothers. They are darling Biscuit coloured bookends.

Two lovely old Granny Crochet blankets. Is it Crochet or Crocheted????

A 19th century Guilt wall light, that needs re-wiring! Big time!

And this is the Bat Mobile! ET and I could not believe it when we pulled up behind it on our way home from the markets! He is really into cars, so he screamed with delight!

As you know it was Fathers Day, And I have the most wonderful Father.

This fathers day has been bitter sweet for me as it’s my son’s first Father-less Fathers Day.
When you have a son that is deserted by a worthless father it truly makes you appreciate your own father just for being there.
There are too many sons and daughters growing up without Daddies, any man who is there, paying school fees and bringing home a wage to feed his kids and love them deserves to be appreciated on Fathers Day.
It makes all the little things I blamed my Dad for seem so pathetic, because he was, at least, there for me and loved and provided for me.

My wonderful Pa and ET. I hope I can find a guy even half as wonderful as my dad!

Love to you all, Sadie xxx