Hello all, I just spotted this great contest via Claudia’s post at The Paris Apartment.

The prize is $10,000 AND tickets to Maison & Objet in Paris this year. Amazing prize huh?

They want an image that inspires you and 100 words to go with. Unfortunately it’s only open to US residents, but if I were able to enter this is what my entry would look like.

“I hold my breath with anticipation when I turn the little cobbled street corner and see that little word “Brocante”.  A million treasures, waiting to be discovered, re-loved and re-imagined into a new life.  Old floral linens, still warm with memories of Sunday sleep-ins, mottled mirrors etched with a thousand reflections, tea cups and vases with the echo’s of milk and cut flowers. Each little trinket with it’s own story, and now, their stories begin again with each little discovery. Stopping my heart with excitement, and throwing open the windows of my imagination.”

If you are as US citizen and want to have a bash, you can enter at this link.



Sadie xxx