Hi all, hope your having a great weekend? Are you all gearing up for the Bank Holiday boot fairs too? I wonder what treasures we will find?

Just wanted to show you some of my new items I have just launched in my Vintage Tea Cup Candles Range.

The tea cups are all vintage and special in their own right, and I have filled them with a delicately scented candle made for 100% eco friendly soy flakes, which means they not only burn clean, but, once the candle has burnt out you can just clean the cup with soap and warm water and it will be ready to be used again as a tea cup or send it back to me and I will refill it for you!  ULTIMATE recycling! Another reason why I love vintage and antique items!

The next candle was done on the spur of the moment, but I think it is really cute! Non?

You can buy any of the candles and more in the collection that are not shown here by clicking the following link!

Happy shopping everyone!

Sadie xxx