Hi all, I have a really busy weekend coming up, and am heading off to my Pa’s house in Kent tommorow morning as he is hosting E.T’s first birthday party on Saturday. BBQ and Pirates! I cant wait!

I have just stumbled upon a delicious blog called Home. Jackie, (who I cannot believe is nearly 60 as she is a total babe!) has real taste, but with that quirky edge that I love.

I wanted to share some pis that she has recently posted on her blog. They are from Country Living’s Rachel Ashwell interview. THE Queen of Shabby Chic and the woman who really started the whole movement.

I feel this look will be eternally desirable.

Where the hell did she get those Glass Eiffel Tower Bottles and who do I have to sleep with to get some?????

This chandelier is banana’s. I would happily sacrifice a limb to posses it!

I wonder if I could make something like it?……