I’m so delighted to welcome the wonderful Queen of New Vintage Cath Kidston to the Flea Market Chic blog!

From now on you’ll see a few tasteful advertisements scattered around the blog (but not to many!) This helps me get in some much needed income, as my ever growing son is still refusing to earn his keep (ok, so he is still only 11 months old!)

On top of this, I will be able to offer my lovely blog friends discounts and special offers at Cath Kidston on-line, so keep an eye out!

Cath Kidston has always been a trend setter when it comes to vintage style home wares, fabrics bags and clothing, and I bet you didn’t know she started out with her own little flea shop in London?  I love Cath, and love to use her items with original vintage items in my shoots, homes and styling designs.

I am really taken by the new “Big Smoke” design, I popped into the Windsor store last week and the entrance hall was decorated in the wallpaper, it looked so cute.  I’m desperatly trying to find a project to use it in.

If you have a chance, I highly recommend popping into a Cath Kidston Store. Of course you can see the expected grand array of Cath Kidtson products, but look closely at the decor of the shop… The genius team who put the stores together include original vintage pieces like pictures, lighting, posters and other various decorative items and there are the occasional original vintage items to buy as well.

This little sewing box is to DIE for huh?

Please visit Cath Kidston’s on-line store at th link below, you can also order your free quarterly magazine there!

Big blog hugs, Sadie xx