My friend Lizzie at the Merry Magpie has a keen eye for flea market chic. She is still in her early twenties, but already knows the difference between treasure and trash.

This Shropshire based vintageista (yes I have just made that up) runs a fab little on-line boutique selling her pretty decorative trinkets and has a gorgeous  and unique collection of papier mache objects from from Nepal and India that are too cute to ignore.

I’m in love with the whimsical items she has in her Tea-Time collection, they just make me want to take afternoon tea in the garden, which I might add is not so good as I’m on the 2010 Bikini Diet!!

Her blog is turning into a little gem as well and highly reccommend a frequent visit.

I look forward to watching her spread her wings, and can’t wait to bump into her at a future market, where we can wrestle over the bargains!

Sadie xx