So I’m starting to find my feet in the blog world and I am feeling a little like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole… There is a HUGE community of bloggers out there, all with their own wonderful prospectives and fascinating and insightful views on this world of design and vintage.

One of my resent discoveries in Wonderland are the Material Girls. They are not strictly vintage, but they are doing a fab series on some of the most popular design bloggers on the web, and we get to peak into their homes.

I want to just share a few of my favourites but if you visit the Material Girls blog you can peruse till your eyeballs pop out!

First Up is Maison 21, I love the retro glamour!

This next picture is actually in a GARAGE!!

Cote De Texas is a personal favourite.  I highly recommend checking it out on a frequent basis for some lovely design insights.

Brooke Giannetti of Velvet and Linen‘s L.A home is so light and airy! I covet the space she has in her home.  One of the main let downs of most British homes, like mine, is that we have such small rooms. Another reason for building a home from scratch here, if you can find the land!

I love her big, pretty, Provancial windows. And HELLO window seats. Yum.

Mrs Blandings blog is another VERY popular design blog I love.

There are LOADS more design bloggers interiors to see on the Material Girls blog so please, please check it out.

Stay fabulous, Sadie xxx