I will admit that I have a huge blog crush on Claudia Strasser’s The Paris Apartment blog. In fact, The Paris Apartment ANYTHING is ok by me.

Claudia Strasser for Elle USA

The Paris Apartment is the creation of  Mdme Strasser, and she has been a big influence in helping me define my tastes when it comes to interiors and vintage. It all started when I picked up her book several years ago, called The Paris Apartment, Romantic Decor on a Flea Market Budget, and I felt that all my feelings or romance and passion for all things vintage was shared AND celebrated by more than just my then, early 20’s self. It was, basically a secret passion of mine, as then vintage was seen by my peers as something only for old lady’s and musty gentleman in grotty antiques shops, but discovering Claudia was like someone switching a light on in my head and heart.

Claudia with clients on one of her Parisian Flea Market Tours

Since then I have been a devoted follower of her blog, and have bought every single female I care enough about to give a gift, a copy of The Paris Apartment for every kind of occasion, birthdays, Christmas, Mothers day. It has become a running joke with all who know me!

Le Book

I implore you to visit the blog, and take a little tour of her online boutique. I can only hope that one day, I can follow in her oh so lovely footsteps.

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